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Friday, April 11, 2008

During These 21 Days of Praying & Fasting


I recognize that the Lord has started breaking chains, opening doors and providing break-throughs to His people as He did in times of old!

The Book of Nehemiah provides us with a good example to follow: 1. Recounting all the great and mighty deeds among His people in times past. 2. Identifying ourselves with our ancestors and accepting their sins as our own 3. Resolving to walk afresh in newness of life with the Lord. 4. Agreeing to give towards the upkeep of the house of God.... and many more of such "new year resolutions"!

If you have had your answer already, and you think it is one of those striking testimonies, I invite you to share it at www.globaltestimonies.blogspot.com without delay! It will bless others and tell the world that Our God Reigns!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Testimony Worth Sharing with All

Please, click on the link below and read about a spectacular feat that the Lord has used one of our youngest and proactive deacons, Deacon Mike Portuphy of Worcester P.I.W.C, as director of the city's Great Brook Valley Health Center, to accomplish. PRAISE THE LORD !


Let's rejoice with our brother and his bunch of enthusiastic and hardworking staff, and also pray with them during these 21-day fasting period that the federal-government funded initiative would be renewed for the coming years to enable them continue with their good work among disadvantaged pregnant mothers in our community.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Hartford Easter Convention was Special

Read what the Hartford Courant said about the convention:

"Wearing brightly colored traditional dresses, smocks and headdresses, more than 2,000 worshipers from around the Northeast gathered at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford this weekend to celebrate Easter Ghanaian-style.

The complete article can be viewed at www.courant.com/news/local/hr/hc-easter0324.artmar24,0,2071999.story

Congratulations to Rev. John Ofori and his district staff for their organizational efforts and successful accomplishment. As a result, we are prayerfully considering "voting" for the next easter convention, and probably other regional programs too, to be hosted in Hartford. How about that, pastor? Praise and Glory be to God!

The Women's Day At P.I.W.C.

Officers' Retreat at Leominster